What is ACREM

ACREM is a group of trained volunteers dedicated to providing their community with emergency communications, safety communications, communications support and event paramedic services.

ACREM is an offshoot of the group ACRM (Australian Citizen Radio Monitors) in South Australia. Originally formed in 1974 to help petition for the legalisation of CB radio in Australia, ACRM members soon found themselves answering calls on the emergency channels from travellers who had quickly discovered that CB could be used to summon help in times of need. Soon after this, around 1975, the first NSW and Queensland ACRM members commenced operations, with ACRM (NSW) being officially formed some years later. In 1982 ACRM (QLD) added the word "emergency" to form ACREM (QLD), and in 1997 ACRM in NSW was restructured creating ACREM-NSW. Then in 2004 ACREM-NSW crossed state borders and became a national body, incorporating members from NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Over the years ACREM members have developed a working relationship with all emergency services, and have also proven that CB radio can help save lives. Even with the proliferation of mobile telephones, CB is still widely used, especially in country regions or areas where mobile telephone coverage is poor. When landline and mobile telephone services fail, such as following fires, storms and floods, CB is often the only network easily accessible by the public.

Working with Emergency Services

ACREM is established as a Communications Support Unit (there is no requirement for “specialist support units” to be “accredited” in Queensland. In fact, there is no accreditation available for communications support units!), able to be called upon by the emergency services during times of need. ACREM has already developed a close working relationship with many government agencies and services, with the monitoring network provided by ACREM volunteers proven to be a necessary and valuable service during any emergency. During fire and storm emergencies ACREM supports the community and the emergency services through its monitoring network, a function recognised by the emergency services.

ACREM members can also assist emergency services with support personnel, to perform various tasks as deemed necessary at the time. Visit our National website - Helping You page to read more about how ACREM can help the community.